You and I,
You are my first.
I am your last.
Can it be? 

Five years have passed and we’ve found this to be true:
That who I am will never be enough to keep you committed,
In the same way that who you are will never be enough to make me stay in love. 

The decision to remain faithful does not assure us of our future.
Love requires work and sacrifice,
but that covers only half of the equation. 

When we say “I love you”, 
There is no power in “I” or in “You”. 
The power lies in love. 

Because it’s not about who we are 
or the promise we make 
that will let our love last.

It’s about what Love is. 
Love is eternal, indestructible. It is victorious. Love is forgiving.
Love is… 

God is Love.
It’s HIS Love that compels us to love like Him. 

We are flawed, damaged, incomplete, limited;
But, with a Love like that–with a God like that–
we can be each other’s person for always. 

We are two–
Two learners journeying through life’s beautiful mess.
We are two becoming one, covered under the mighty wings of the Author of love. 
With us, there is no guarantee of forever. With God, there is. 
He is Love in its truest and purest and perfect form. 
Binding two imperfect people together, 
His love allows us to love deeply and unceasingly. 

This is our assurance of a love everlasting.

You and I,
You are my first. I am your last.
We are each other’s last.